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Potato Leek Soup

Now I could have gone and posted a nice picture of a pale white soup, probably in one of my white bowls, that isn't much to look at but decided it probably wasn't worth it. A photo would not convince you to make this soup. This soup is the ideal anecdote to the winter "OMG it's so cold out" issue. I made it last weekend (and haven't gotten around to posting - yeah I've been crazy busy. You know post-vacation recovery takes a while). Last weekend was frigid, no other words for it. This weekend was 50, and yes it is still February - go figure. Go and be brave and make this soup without knowing what it looks like.

Potato Leek Soup (adapted from a fairly empty refrigerator)

2T butter
1T olive oil
3 leeks, 1/4" slice*
4 green onions, chopped
2 clove garlic minced
1/3 c white wine
4 potatoes, cut into small cubes
4 c chicken stock
2 c milk

Melt butter and add olive oil in a large stock pot or dutch oven. Add leeks and some salt. Allow to cook …

Happy Valentine's Day

The Argentine Experience

At first I thought this was a stupid tourist trap thing but then I remembered the fishing for piranha that we did in the Amazon in June. That sounded so touristy and ridiculous, but it really ended up being fun. It started as a group of friends who would serve dinner to "foodie" tourist in their apartment. They then got some backers and built a restaurant. So I signed us up for The Argentine Experience.

Boy were we glad. Yes it was a little camp with the aprons and the bogus chef's hat (although it was worth it to see the Sous Chef don the chef's hat), but the food was great and we met some really nice people (2 Argentinians and 1 Brazilian). In a way it was all a little clandestine, as you had to get buzzed into the place.

We started out with meat breaded and fried with aioli (sorry I didn't get a picture of it - I'm also bad with the Spanish name for it). It reminded me of spiedini (Italian breaded fried thin strips of meat - which could be where this Arg…

Food in Argentina

Argentina food:

When we first got to Buenos Aires we were exhausted. After a shower and nap, we were hungry for something light. We ended up at  Florida Garden Cafe for a quick light bite. I ordered a turkey sandwich on "English Bread," which turned out to be white bread with the crusts cut off. I felt like I was in grade school, but it was exactly what I needed - some protein and nothing too heavy. I had a nice cup of tea because that always sets you up for a good reset of the body! It was tea leaves in a nice little tea pot - can't beat that.

Dinner was excellent at El Federal Restaurante, which was about two blocks from our hotel. I just happened to find it while cruising around on Google maps. The Sous Chef and I shared the potato roti with 60C poached egg and prawns as a starter. (I assume the 60C egg was made in a Sous Vide)

I had the trout with potato and fennel and the Sous Chef had the lamb.

We shared a slice of chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream that was su…

Layers and More Layers

Although this has nothing to do with food, I thought you might find it interesting what I was wearing in that last posting photo.

Muck Boots (on loan from the ship)
Shearling Insoles
Fleece boot liners
Smart Wool Socks

2 layers of thermal bottoms
Insulated Waterproof Pants
Thermal Shirt
Fleece zip up
Down Vest
2 Neck Gaiters (1 thin and 1 fleece)
1 pair thin liner gloves
1 pair heavy duty waterproof mittens
Coat issued by Cruise Company (inside liner and waterproof shell)
Life preserver (inflates on contact with water)

Insulated Wool Hat

All this took quite a long time to put on. We went out on excursions twice a day. Timing was essential - put it on too early and you were a melted blob waiting to get on the Zodiacs. We were generally out for about 2-3 hours on each excursion. Temperatures were usually around freezing. Winds were somewhat to quite windy. When the wind kicked up, the water got a little choppy, and then there was some spray cruising on…