Monday, September 7, 2015

Chicago Eats

I found myself once again in Chicago and I was determined this time to eat at Shaw's Crab House. Last time we didn't have a reservation so we couldn't get a table. This time I cleared the evening with my niece and we made reservations. My niece and I independently came to decide on ordering the same thing. I'm talking appetizer and main meal. We both got the Lobster Bisque and the Parmesan crusted Haddock. They were both very good. I stole a few bites of the key lime pie for dessert. It was so good. Not that heavy-thick sweetened condensed milk nonsense. Real deal whipped cream too.

I had to go to Garrett's for popcorn. I was not in the mood for sweet so I decided to opt out on the caramel. I went for the cheese. I was going back and forth on the small or medium. I am so glad I got the small. I would have been feeling mighty sick if I had gotten the medium. As it was I didn't finish all of it.

I also hit up David's Teas. They had quite a selection of teas. I had a cup of Serenity Now steeped (and no I did not get that because of the Seinfeld reference*). I bought some of it to take home and also Coconut Ice and Lapsang Souchong for the Sous Chef. It's been too hot to test the other two out. I'm not a big fan of the Lapsang Souchong - it's a bit too smokey for me. I also realized that they have David's Teas right here in NYC. So I didn't need to travel to Chicago for this.

Lastly I hit up Pierogi Heaven. I opted for the potato and cheese and why not the bacon, onions and sour cream while I was at it. These were some really good pierogies. I went with the 6 piece version. However, while I was sitting there other people came in and got the 9 piece and ordered 2 different types. Why didn't I think of that? Especially since they had the fruit filling. They would have made a very nice dessert indeed.

 So that's the highlights from my Chicago trip.

The disappointment was Rick Bayless Tortas Frontera in the airport. I had high hopes - I know really??? for airport food?? It just goes to show you fast food is fast food and it's just not going to be quality no matter who makes it. I had the Tres Queso - three cheeses (Jack, goat and Cotija), with sun-dried tomato on a piece of bread. How bad can that be?  Pretty not OK. The bread was just typical fast food and yucky. It had no real redeeming qualities. The cheeses were also pretty nondescript. Overall it worked as filler but nothing more than that.

*And now for a little Serenity Now!

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