Friday, June 12, 2015

Can't Escape Scapes

Tis the season for garlic scapes. June is the month when the garlic scapes start growing. Scapes are the flower buds on the garlic. You need to cut them off so that more energy goes into the garlic bulb (see last year's harvest here) before you harvest the garlic. They have a mild garlic flavor when cooked and beat string beans any day. You can prepare them just about anyway that you would prepare string beans. In their raw state they have a strong garlic flavor and are a little tough. I just did a quick steam and saute.

Olive Oil

Place scapes in steamer basket. Steam scapes with the lid tilted. Do not put the lid totally on or the scapes will lose that rich green color. Steam until tender. In a skillet add oil. Toss scapes with salt and saute until scapes have a little color on them. Serve
I also tossed on a little balsamic reduction. Although it didn't stay on too well because of the olive oil that was already on the scapes. It did add some nice flavor.

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