Friday, June 5, 2015

FBF - Coco-Mint Mojito

I've decided to introduce Flash Back Friday (FBF) no it's not just a cheap way to produce filler for the blog. It's a way to revisit things that I make often and are our faves and perhaps I may have tweeked a bit - I'm always changing things up. So for my first entry I'm looking at you Coconut Mint Mojito. Check out the recipe here.

Since we were away in San Antonio* for the official start of summer AKA Memorial Day weekend. This past weekend we broke out the coconut/Malibu/mint.  I have to say this recipe is excellent. We've tested it out on some guinea pigs um I mean friends and they also really liked it. I have still not tried it using the simple syrup - I know I'm just too lazy. We used light coconut milk. I do have to say it is better with the full fat (sorry). So enjoy!

*I had a conference that weekend - yeah I know who has a conference Memorial Day weekend?? Anyway the Sous Chef decided to come down a day later and we enjoyed the Riverwalk. The food there was good but nothing really WOW'd us. We ate the mandatory steak, ribs, burger, and bbq. I do believe I have eaten my meat quota for the year. Many of the restaurants along the Riverwalk are chains, which was disappointing. The Sous Chef had a wonderful steak at SaltGrass which I now suspect was cooked via Sous Vide - which I will now be suspect of every time we eat a good steak. The Alamo was worth a looksee.  I am looking forward to my conference in July - that is in foodie heaven - Austin TX. I can't wait to see what awaits me there - I may miss a few of the sessions ;-)
And yes we did sing this...

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