Saturday, April 12, 2014

Butterscotch Blondies

Look at those farm-fresh beauties!
The planets were somehow in alignment today. It was set that I had to make this recipe. First I was in the mood for a bar cookie, second my friend had just given me farm-fresh eggs, and third I had some butterscotch chips sitting doing nothing in the pantry. See doesn't need much to convince me that I needed to bake something today. I started to look through my "not-yet tried" recipes and this one leapt out at me. It's been idling since 2007.

Butterscotch Blondies (adapted from Cooking Light)
2 cup flour
2 1/2 c light brown sugar, packed
2 t baking powder
1 t salt
10 tbs butter
3 eggs
1 c butterscotch chips (or chocolate chips)

Preheat oven 350. Grease 9x13 pan. In a bowl mix flour, brown sugar, baking powder and salt. In a skillet melt butter on medium-low flame. Cook for about 6 minutes until golden brown. Let cool about 10 minutes.  Whisk the eggs into the butter. Pour butter mixture over flour mixture.  Stir until blended.  It will look like there is not enough liquid but don't worry, there is.  Spread into prepared pan. Sprinkle chips on top of batter. Bake for 30 minutes. Cool in pan and cut into serving pieces.

Now I realize I adapted this recipe by adding whole eggs and butterscotch chips so I'm sure it is no longer Cooking Light. But I don't really feel it was so light to begin with - I mean 2 1/2 c of sugar and 10 Tbs of butter -  really? That's not exactly light. But Oh they are delicious!

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