Friday, July 25, 2014

Aruba Cocktails

We just got back from Aruba (see you didn't even know I left did you?). The food there is just absolutely delicious.  We ate at a Belgium place, Italian, and French.  We really did absolutely nothing and it was wonderful.  The Sous Chef wanted to take a surf lesson but "surf wasn't up." We were going to go to the natural pool but it was a four-hour tour and we didn't want to commit ourselves so we just went to the beach.  I read 4 books - doesn't sound too impressive until I tell you that one was a 600 pager. The Sous Chef was also asked if he wanted his hair braided - he declined. But we did spend some time sampling the different cocktails...

First I had to have the obligatory Malibu and Coke
Then I tried a Caribbean Sunrise - Malibu, Melon Liqueur, OJ & Cranberry

Then it was a Fudge Brownie Martini. I don't really know why they called it a martini as there was no gin in it but it was very chocolately.  Baileys, Chambord, Cocoa Liqueur, and chocolate syrup.

 A little Chambord straight up never hurt anyone either.
And how could I pass up a Mint Mojito?

Not one Pina Coloada in the lot. The Sous Chef also had a Malibu Bay Breeze, Gin & Tonic, and some of the local and imported (Belgium) beers. I will definitely be trying to recreate the Fudge Brownie Martini. Although with the chocolate sauce, it is so rich, I don't know how many of them you can actually drink. Two was my limit in Aruba.

And we did have dinner with an ood

This was the light on the table - sorry but it looks like an ood to me

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