Sunday, July 20, 2014

Having a Clear Out

My Mom's friend was clearing out again. This time here is what I got this time around:

Doing a preliminary reconnaissance, I've found some pretty interesting recipes. I love browsing through old cookbooks. They sometimes speak to another time.  One of the books had a price of $2.95. Where can you buy a cookbook for that now??!

Some of the cookbooks are real clunkers, Velveeta and canned soups are not really my thing. Some are quaint using terms such as oleo or dated by using margarine or vague -"use 2 tall cans."

There are a few books that have southern recipes and I really am unsure what chess cookies are - in my mind they are little black and white squared cookies, but since there is no chocolate I'm assuming that is not what they are.  There is also chess cake and chess pie. Difficult to believe I've never heard of a type of dessert! There was a Four-Minute Brownie recipe that bakes for 30 minutes. I think I'll pass on the Kool-Aid pie, as well as the Pumpkin Taffy Pie.

But there are some interesting ones that I probably will give a whirl - or at least they will end up in my ever-growing "recipes to try pile." There is a coffee cake recipe where you make a yeast dough and spread a layer of meringue over the dough, then roll it up jelly roll style and bake.  There's a crepe cake recipe that looks yummy using creme de menthe. There's also a whipped cream pound cake. You actually whip heavy cream, add the ingredients, and bake. That was really different.

Cool Kaiser-style bundt/babka pan. Can't wait to give that one a try.  Also a nice mold. Pyrex pie pans always come in handy. If we ever decide to move and I have to have a clear out my cooking stuff, boy will there be a LOT. Hopefully, we won't be moving and the girls will have to worry about clearing everything out - if you know what I mean.

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