Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Basic Vinaigrette

Since we were talking about liquors over the past few days, I thought we could move on to liquids of another sort.  Everyone always likes my vinaigrette and will often ask for my recipe.  I really don't have a recipe.  It's another one of those - you have to taste it. Here's the basics:

If I'm using fresh herbs:

1T fresh thyme
2t oregano
6-8 basil leaves
1/4 c balsamic vinegar
1T honey
1/2 c oil

Place the herbs in a 1 cup measuring cup.  Add vinegar and honey. Slowly drizzle in olive oil while whisking.  Tear basil leaves and stir in to vinaigrette. Taste, Taste, Taste.

Herbs, Balsamic & Honey - whisk together
Slowly add olive oil while whisking
Add torn basil leaves

You want to tear the basil leaves so they don't get brown.  You have to add them last - otherwise they get stuck in the whisk. I will use various combinations of fresh herbs usually tarragon, oregano, basil, thyme.
Easy Peasy

If you are using dried herbs, just reduce the amounts. I usually use dried in the winter or if I'm just too lazy to go outside in the summer and pick them. You can also use a white balsamic vinegar instead of the regular. Sometimes I will even use lemon juice instead of the vinegar. The most important part is tasting. If it is too tart, add some more honey or more oil. Also sometimes it just needs a pinch more of salt. If it tastes too oily, add more vinegar. It's really a matter of playing around with the mixture.  I don't really measure anything, I just add some of this and some of that and taste, taste, taste - did I mention that you need to taste it?

I like to use these little brioche toasts that I found in Trader Joe's instead of croutons. I just crumbled them up.

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