Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Farro & Tomatoes

I like farro - who knew? In one of the recent cooking classes I took at Carol's Cafe, one of my classmates recommended this recipe. It came out pretty nice. I think it needed some more tomatoes. I did not have the suggested grape tomatoes (and you know I am totally unopposed to substituting things) so I used just regular tomatoes from the garden. I used about 3 medium size. Next time I would definitely up the tomato amount.

There is a lot of detail regarding the farro in the notes for the recipe. I'm quite undecided about which type of farro I had. I do think it might have been pearlized but the whole "ready in 10 minutes pre-cooked" thing sort of threw me.
Good old reliable Trader Joe's
This is not a blurry photo this is actually steam coming off the farro.

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