Friday, October 10, 2014

What is this??

Some early Halloween decoration - no it's just some sauerkraut masquerading as a ghost. I've wanted to try making sauerkraut for a very long time. It is really quite simple but the creativity scale requirements are quite high.

First you need to find a jar that is large enough - CHECK.
Then you need to get the ingredients - CHECK.
Prepare the ingredients - CHECK.
Then the creativity comes in - CHECK.

Most recipes suggest inserting a plate over the cabbage to weigh it down. I could not find a plate that would fit in the mouth of my jar (even the espresso plates didn't work). So then I came upon the idea of using a plastic lid - as it would hold the cabbage down and would be bendable to get it into the jar in the first place.

Now for something to weigh it down....hmm water is heavy

Looks squished down
Now to contain the overflow if my cup runneth over and a towel to "keep the flies" out as the recipe said and to let the cabbage breathe. Hence, the ghostlike appearance.
Now patience - NO CHECK! I have to wait at least 5 days to see if I like the taste.  If it's not done then, I have to wait longer and keep tasting. I'll report back (hopefully with the recipe if all goes well).

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