Monday, January 12, 2015

2014 in Review (Part 1)

Apparently it is mandatory that you do a year in review if you have a blog - pardon my ignorance (I don't want my blog license revoked). So I'm a little late in posting but here goes...the highlights of 2014:

January - quitting my job but not blogging yet

I guess since this was the initial post I have to mention this one but really Aunt Sassy makes a mean cake. I make this recipe quite often Homemade Orecchetti

What to pick? What to pick? March looked like a pretty good month.
There were Brownies - how could you go wrong?
Then there was Chocolate Banana Bread with the option of not going chocolate.
There was my Friend the Pressure Cooker
And how could I leave out My Not Dry Irish Soda Bread?

This was a rather prolific month - I think because it was Easter and I did a lot of different recipes for brunch. I introduced Bertha, made cream cheese, got my Polish on by making Pierogies, made unhealthy French Toast, then got healthy with Spinach Pie and made a super easy Pear Tart.

Can't leave out Mom's Stew, the Coconut Mint Mojito was invented,  Guacamole was eaten, and then there was grilling with Chicken en le papier d'aluminum.

There was some nice spinach from the garden for Lemon Pasta there was some mascarpone making, Nutella Cherry Buns, and then there was the mess in the oven that was worth it - Portuguese Custard Tarts.

Wow that was a pretty big half year. I will have to do another posting on the rest of the year - look for part 2.

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