Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2014 in Review (Part 2)

So we left off in June. Let's see what the rest of 2014 brought:

So what was going on in July? There was basic Vinaigrette, Strawberry Whipped Cream Cake, and Smokey Corn on the cob.

There was Chocolate Creme de Menthe cake that happened by accident, Whipped Cream Pound Cake, and Chocolate Mud Cake. But don't think that August was only about cakes there was also homemade Mozzarella 

This month there was homemade pasta, and garden tomato and cream pasta, and it wasn't just about carbs, there was zucchini quiche too.

There was toasted pepitas, homemade creme fraiche, and how can we forget the whole sauerkraut episode, but the banana chocolate cake cheered us up - didn't it? as did the vacuum sealer.

We were thankful that the sauerkraut finally turned out well, and that there were Parker House Rolls, we were especially thankful for the new kid on the block, as well as the Chocolate Crinkle Cookies and that everything turned out well for Thanksgiving.

Then not so long ago we ate our home grown lemons went down memory lane with tuna casserole, ate aniseed meringues, learned how to cut up a whole chicken, and lamented the fact that I didn't get a puppy but was cheered by the Sous Vide.
Well let's see what 2015 brings (and let's hope there's a puppy somewhere in there!)

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